Work area


From the sidebar you select the different options available depending on each user's permits this is explained in more detail below.

Devices: This screen shows a summary of the data for all devices of a particular client / user, indicating the averages of the values captured for each of them as well as if they have any active alarm and the connection status. Each device is shown in a small window called widget, where the most relevant device data are displayed.

Groups: Shows a summary of the groups created by the client / user.

Edges: Manage AKO Edges devices and the devices connected to them.

Alarms: Shows a list with the logged alarms.

Notifications: Displays a list of the notifications sent. Notifications are sent when they meet the requirements of the notification rules.

Reports: Allows generating device activity reports, either upon request or on a periodical basis, so that they are received by the selected users.

Backlog: When changing a parameter associated with a device through, the change is run instantly, but is included in a task that runs in the next transmission (variable depending on configuration). This section shows the list of tasks and their status.

Help: Access help and license agreements.

Admin: Allows access to the Cloud administration section where users, permissions, etc., can be configured, roles created, etc.

AKO notifications: Through this system, AKO can send you messages about your account.

Search bar and filters

By using this toolbar, you can search in several sections of the cloud. Its operation is always the same:

By clicking on the magnifying glass, a drop-down menu appears with the previously saved filters.

By clicking on any of the filters, the different options drop down. It is possible to select more than one. When finishing and clicking on "Search", the results that match the checked options are displayed.

To delete any of the filters, click the X and press "Search" again to update the results.