AKO-55624 / AKO-55724

AKO-55624 / AKO-55724


The box that summarises the information on each device is referred to as the "Widget".

The device sends the status to Akonet.cloud, as well as the alarms and alerts detected. When received, the widget for the corresponding device flashes for 1 minute indicating correct reception.

If there is an alarm, the outline flashes red.

A flashing red halo means that the alarm(s) has/have not been confirmed

Device detail

Shows the detail of each device as well as a summary of the data captured and allows adjusting the operating parameters.

Hide / Show details

Shows / hides the device details.

Live mode

Displays the controller’s real time reading as well as the different indicators and allows for using some functions of the keypad as if you were in front of the device*.


Period selection

Allows selecting the period displayed on the different graphs and also affects the calculation of the averages indicated in the widget shown on the left.


Displays graphs of the data captured by the device. There are 2 graph types:

Cronogram: Shows alarm activations and detected errors on push-button or wiring.

Alarms: Shows the alarms that have occurred and the time they have been active.