When changing a parameter associated with a device through, the change is run instantly, but is included in a task that runs in the next transmission (variable depending on configuration). Each task can contain multiple parameter changes. If, at the time of saving the change, there is a task waiting to be sent, the change is added to the task already created, otherwise it generates a new task. This section shows the list of tasks and their status.

Equipment: Indicates the model of the device.

Users: User who performed the configuration change.

Changes: No. changed parameters (confirmed / requested).

Status: Task status (Pending, sent, confirmed, failed or cancelled).

Created on: Date and time when the alarm was triggered.

Changed on: The date and time when the task was updated (whether by modifying a parameter, by adding a new change or a status update).

Sent on: Date and time when the task was sent to the device.

Confirmed on: Confirmation date and time of task done (effective change in the device).