You can use this section to manage AKO Edges devices and the devices connected to them.

Al: Indicates the number of active alarms on the device.

Name: Displays the name of the device.

Description: Displays the device description.

ID: Displays the device identification number.

Reference: Indicates the device reference.

Serial number: Indicates the device serial number.

MAC address: Indicates the MAC address of the device.

Status: Displays the device status.

  • Registered: The device is assigned to a company / customer but has not yet been activated.

  • Online: The device is active, regularly sending the registered data as well as the alarms detected.

  • Offline: The device is active, regularly sending the registered data, however the alarms are disabled.

  • Suspended: The licence has expired, and the device does not register or transmit data until the licence is reactivated.

  • Error: The transmission has not been received in the planned period.

  • Cancelled: The device has been cancelled and cannot be re-registered.

Devices: Displays the number of devices connected to it (in green) and how many of them are in alarm (in red)

Conn.: Indicates the device communication type.

Address / City: Indicates the location of the device set by the user.

License code: Indicates the device license type.

Licence expire: Displays the expiry date for the device subscription.

Groups: Indicates the groups the device belongs to.

Tags: Displays the device tags.

Created by: Indicates the user who registered the device.

Updated by: Indicates the user who last modified the device data.

AKONet.Edge details

Allows editing the device details:

Name: Adds a name to the device.

Description: Adds the device description.

Favourite: Marks the device as a favourite.

Image: Allows you to upload a real image of the device to identify it (gif/png/jpeg formats, maximum size 1 MB).

Groups: Indicates the groups the device belongs to.

Time zone: Selects the time zone where the device is located (see page 60).

Tags: Allows you to add tags to the device to help to create reports and notifications.

Address, postal code, city, country: Allows you to add the location data of the device, or obtain them by using the coordinates entered.

Search for coordinates: Obtains the coordinates to locate the device on the map based on the address you entered.

Get address: Obtains the address of the device based on the coordinates entered.

Get geoposition: Obtains the location of the device based on the network data.

Longitude / Latitude: Allows you to add the location of the device using coordinates, or obtain them via the address entered.

Find on map: If the box is checked, it allows you to find the location directly on the map, clicking to indicate the location.

Device detail

Shows the detail of each device as well as a summary of the data captured and allows adjusting the operating parameters.

Hide / Show Details: Shows / hides the device details.

Notification rules, Audits, Events and Parameters

These sections work in the same way as in the AKODATA and AKOGAS devices.

Advanced configuration

Allows you to configure the different AKONet.Edge network options.


Defines the operating parameters for the Ethernet connection. For more information, contact your network administrator.


Defines the WIFI connection operating parameters. For more information, contact your network administrator.


Defines the operating parameters for the GPRS connection. For more information, contact your mobile connection service provider.


Can be used to add additional MODBUS lines using AKO-80080 converters. For more information, consult the converter manual.

Create group

This option allows you to create a group with all the devices connected to the AKONet.Edge.

Synchronisation and equipment search

Click on the >_ symbol to go to the commands section.

  • Synchronise parameters: Forces a synchronisation of the device parameters with priority given to the data stored in the device

  • Search for equipment: Opens the Search for devices menu. This step must be performed every time a new device is added to the AKONet.Edge network.

  • Check Modbus line: Used to check the status of the Modbus connection for the devices. When you click on "Check", all devices show their Modbus address on the display, so you can see if any address is repeated or if any are out

Device information

Click on an AKONet.Edge device to see its information and a window opens with the details.

Modbus Test

Allows you to check the Modbus connectivity between the device and the AKONet.Edge. Select the how long you want the test to last and click the button to iniciate test.

During the test, the device display shows its Modbus address and some indicators flash showing that data is being transmitted and received, and a progress bar is shown with the errors detected. It displays the test results once finished.

Search for devices

When you add a new AKONet Edge or when you connect new devices to an AKONet Edge, you need to perform a device search. Click on >_ and on “Search for equipment”.

Activate device

Non-activated devices do not send data to akonet.cloud, so they will not be visible in “devices” nor will they send alarms or events to akonet.cloud.

Activate a device by clicking on it and on the “Activate” option. After a few moments the device is activated and is transmitting to akonet.cloud.