The box that summarises the information on each device is referred to as the "Widget".

The device sends the stored data to, as well as the alarms and alerts detected according to the configured transmission interval. When received, the widget for the corresponding device flashes for 1 minute indicating correct reception.

If there is an alarm, the outline flashes red; if the alarm has been confirmed (mute) the outline is turned off.

Device detail

Shows the detail of each device as well as a summary of the data captured and allows adjusting the operating parameters.

Hide / Show Details

Shows / hides the device details


Period selection

Allows selecting the period displayed on the different graphs and also affects the calculation of the averages indicated in the widget shown on the left.


Displays graphs of the data captured by the device. There are 10 graph types:

Inputs: Shows the activity of all active inputs and the MAX and MIN relays.

Cronogram (DIGITALS): Displays the activity of digital inputs.

Cronogram (RELAYS): Displays the activity of the relays.

Continous (ANALOG): Displays the evolution of the analog input selected. Set Point values ​​and alarms are shown.

Time in setpoint (ANALOG): Shows the percentages of time that the selected input has remained within the Set Point value, below and above.

TTI Histograma (ANALOG): Breakdown of the different values obtained by each probe in percentage of time and their situation with respect to the Set Point.

Activity (ANALOG): Displays the maximum, minimum and average values acquired per day for each analog input.

Alarms (ANALOG): Displays a summary with the diferents alarms registered and the maximum time that has remained in alarm for each day according to the selected input.

Activity (DIGITAL): Displays a daily summary of the acumulated time with the digital input active, maximum and minimum time, average time, and number of times it has been activated for each digital input.

Alarms (DIGITAL): Displays a daily summary of the accumulated time in alarm, maximum and minimum time, average time and number of daily activations for each digital input.