Allows generating device activity reports, either upon request or on a periodical basis, so that they are received by the selected users.

Family: Defines which family of devices the report affects.

Report type: Selects the report type from among the predefined catalogue.

Objective: Defines how to select the equipment which is the object of the report (by model, by group, by labels, etc.).

Groups / Label / Equipment: Defines on the basis of which groups, labels or devices the report is generated.

Report for: Defines to which emails the report is sent. It is not necessary to be a user of to receive reports. Enter a valid email, you can enter multiple emails.

Language: Defines the language of the reports.

Temperature units: Sets the temperature units for the report

Sheduled: Allows scheduling the reports to be generated on a periodically. When checking the box, the other fields are shown. If the box is not checked, the report is generated instantly and downloaded in pdf format.

Start date / End Date: Defines the time period covered by the report.

If the “Sheduled” checkbox has been marked, the following fields are also shown:

Name: Defines a name for the report.

Frequency: Defines the frequency of reports (daily, weekly or monthly).

Report types

Example of a report

The following example shows an alarm report and a temperature quality report.