User profile

User profile and company

By clicking on the icon at the bottom of the sidebar, you access the user profile or the company profile. Only administrators can edit company data.

User account

Email: This displays the user's email; the email cannot be edited.

First surname / second surname: Allows changing the user's name and surname.

Telephone: To include the user's phone number.

Profile image: Allows including a user image (gif/png/jpeg, maximum size 1 MB).

Language: Select the language. takes the default language pre-configured in the browser. If that language is not available, the default language is English.

Temperature units: Select the temperature units (ºCelsius or ºFahrenheit).

Format of numbers: This defines how numbers are expressed:

  • Spanish: Point for the separation of thousand units and comma for decimals.

  • English: Comma for the separation of thousand units and point for decimals.

Separator character for...: This defines which sign is used to separate the columns when exporting to a CSV file.

Export format: This defines the encoding format when exporting a file (UTF-8 or ISO-8859).

Change password: Allows changing the current password.

Repeat password: Confirms the new password.

Company account

Allows editing the company details (name, alias, tax identification number, etc.).


Allows you to assign a user profile as the owner of the company. The owner is the only profile which can edit the billing information (next page). In order to be owner, the user profile must be administrator.


Edit the billing details (accounting name, tax identification number, contact email, etc.).