Version 2.7.x.x

-Bug fixies

Version 2.6.x.x

-Users with permissions to access AKODATA.H devices can manage verifications without being administrators.

-Bug fixies

Version 2.5.x.x

-The "Catalan" language is added

-Bug fixies

Version 2.4.x.x

-New task scheduler feature.

-Bug fixies

Version 2.3.x.x

-Button is added to filter by canceled devices in the list of devices

-Bug fixies

Version 2.2.x.x

-Security improvements

-Bug fixies

Version 2.1.x.x

-New devices integration:

  • AKO-57625-1

-Bug fixies

Version 2.0.x.x

-Improvements in the user's interface

-Bug fixies

Version 1.2.x.x

-Pagination added in the widget view.

-Bug fixies

Version 1.1.x.x

-Invitations added

-Modification of relay management in AKonet.Edge devices.

-New devices integration:

  • AKO-16526A

-Reordering of parameters in AKO-16526 and AKO-16526A devices

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.70.x

-New devices integration:

  • AKO-16624

  • AKO-16526

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.69.x

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.68.x

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.67.x

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.66.x

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.65.x

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.64.x

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.63.x

-AKO-5041 / 5051: Relays configured as "notification rule" can be disabled manually even if the alarm is still active.

-New devices integration:

  • AKO-5051

-In the "working timetable" function, you can select the days with active MUTE.

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.62.x

-Option to change temperature units in reports.

-New option to assign privileges to a user by groups.

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.61.x

New devices integration:


  • AKO-575744-NR


  • AKO-D14023-C

-New registration procedure for new users of an account, activation must be done via email.

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.59.x

-New devices integration:


  • AKO-57611

  • AKO-57612

  • AKO-57613

  • AKO-57614

  • AKO-57615

  • AKO-57624

  • AKO-57625

  • AKO-576410

  • AKO-576032

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.57.x

-Bug fixies

Version 1.0.56.x

-New devices integration:


  • AKO-55424


  • AKO-55624

  • AKO-55724


  • AKO-555241

  • AKO-555242

  • AKO-558241

  • AKO-558242

-Trapped person alarm widgets improvements

-Available live mode on Trapped person alarms

Version 1.0.55.x

-New devices integration:

Trapped person alarm:

  • AKO-55123

  • AKO-55120

  • AKO-55323

Approved AKODATA (2014/32/UE):

  • AKO-59850Hx-x

-Live mode improvements on Darwin devices

-Bug fixes

Version 1.0.53.x

-AKO-575xxx AKOGAS NBIoT transmitters update to the new version V2

-The calibration, reset to zero and error sensor events on AKOGAS transmitters are now also displayed on timeline.

-Bug fixes

Version 1.0.50.x (09/2020)

-New company registration process update

-New navigation functions in the device view (Widgets, list and detail)

-AKODATA V2 device integration completed

-AKO-5041 device integration completed