Notification rules

Displays a list of the saved notification rules. The notification rules allow you to establish a mechanism to alert users when certain types of alarms occur. The notification rules determine what type of alarms (depending on severity) generate a notification, as well as to whom these notifications are sent. Notifications can be sent via email.

Name: Indicates the rule name.

Description: Indicates the rule description.

Rules: Indicates the number of conditions of each rule.

Created on: Displays the rule creation date and time.

Created by: Displays the user who created the rule.

Changed on: Displays the date and time the rule was last changed.

Changed on: Displays the user who made the last change to the rule.

Editing a notification rule

Notification type

  • Email: Send an email tu selected user.

  • Push: Send a notification to app.

  • Call: The selected user receives a call informing the reason for the notification.

  • SMS: The selected user receives an SMS.

  • Relay activation: Activates the Akonet.Edge relay. It requires having an Akonet.Edge model with relays and configuring one of them as a "notification rule" (See Edge configuration).

Sequential mode

The sequential mode sends the notification to the first user on the list. If, after the delay time between notifications has elapsed, the user has not accepted the alarm, notification is sent to the next user and so on until someone accepts the alarm. The acceptance of the alarm is performed in (see page. 49). If this mode is deactivated, the notifications are sent to all users at the same time.

For the sequential mode to take effect, different users must be registered in different notifications. If several users are registered in the same notification, the sequential mode has no effect.

** To receive notifications by email, users must be registered in the system.