Displays a list with the recorded alarms:

Device: Indicates the device name.

Status: Displays the alarm status (ACTIVE / INACTIVE). If the alarm is active it is shown in red.

Reference: Indicates the alarm reference.

Name: Indicates the alarm type.

Severity: Indicates the alarm severity. This value can be configured by using the parameters and allows assigning priorities according as required. If a particular alarm is not assigned to any level (Low, Medium or High), the alarm remains as "unassigned." As such, neither visual notifications nor email notifications are generated, although it is shown on the list of alarms.

Activated: Indicates the activation value.

Activation: Displays the event date and time.

Deactivated: Indicates the deactivation value.

Deactivation: Displays the event deactivation date and time.

Confirmation: Indicates the date the alarm was acknowledged.

User confirmation: Indicates that the user has accepted the alarm.