The trapped person alarm AKO-55323 / AKO-5512x / AKO-55424 has parameters to configure its operation according to requirements, these parameters can be modified through AKONET.cloud, by accessing the device details and by clicking on the "Parameters” tab.

There are two types of parameters:

The parameters are organised into 4 groups:

Inputs (In)

Input 1 setup: Shows input 1 setup (read only).

Input 1 name: Defines the input 1 name.

Only for AKO-55424

Input n setup (1 to 4): Shows setup for each input (read only).

Input n name (1 to 4):  Defines the name for each input.

Alarms (AL)

Severity for trapped person alarm: Defines the severity of the trapped person alarm:

Severity for sensor or wiring error: Defines the severity of the sensor or wiring error:

Cloud alarms (c-AL)

Severity for communication error: Defines the severity of the communication error.

Configuration (bcn)

MODBUS address: Shows MODBUS address of device (read only).

MODBUS speed*: Shows the MODUS speed of device (read only).