This section lets you program the automatic execution of certain functions of specific devices as required.

Scheduled task log

Once logged in, a list is displayed with the log of tasks executed so far:

Status: If the task has been executed successfully, a green tick is displayed.

Task programmer name: Indicates the name assigned to the task.

Name: Name of the device affected by the task.

Type: Indicates what type of variation the programmed task performs, variation of a parameter or activation of a function.

Parameter/Function: Indicates which parameter or function has been executed.

Value: Indicates the value that task has left in the parameter or function.

Execution date: Indicates the date and time of task execution.

1.- Access the list of executed programmed tasks.

2.- When you click, you access the detail view of the executed task.

3.- Access the task programmer.

Task scheduler

It shows a list with the programmed tasks created to date:

Sync: A green tick indicates that the task has been successfully synchronised.

Name: Defined name for the task.

Description: Description defined for the task.

Tasks: Number of defined tasks.

Device: Number of devices affected by the programmed task.

Created on: Task creation date and time.

Created by: Task creator user.

Updated on: Date and time of the last update of the task.

Updated by: Last user who modified the task.

1.- When you click, you access the detailed view of the programmed task.

2.- Duplicate the task.

3.- Add a new task.

4.- Go back to the programmed tasks log

5.- Edit the task.

Create / edit new task

Show task creation/edit box:

Name: Sets the name for the task.

Description: Sets the description for the task.

Commercial reference: Sets the trade reference for which the task is defined.

Devices: Defines which devices the task affects.

Days: Defines which days of the week the task runs.

Start / end date: Defines the date on which the task starts / ends, if no end date is indicated, the task runs indefinitely.


Name: Defines the name of the action.

Local execution time: Defines the execution time of the action.

T. max. execution: If the defined time has elapsed and the task could not be executed, it shall be cancelled and shall not be reattempted until the next programming.

Parameter / function: Defines the type of task to be executed, which can be the change of a parameter or the activation / deactivation of a function.

Function Action / Parameter Value: Defines the action of the task.