User register

User register

To access, you must have a username (email address) and a password. If you don't have one, you must register by clicking on "New Registration" on the home screen.

Registration form


Email / confirm Email: Input a valid email. This email will be used to receive various notifications. In addition, when registering the company, the email and password used correspond to the figure of the super administrator. This figure has the same privileges as an administrator, however it is the only one that can edit the company profile, as well as view the data related to the billing. You cannot use the same email to register another user or another company in

When you press "Validate", an email is sent to the address entered with a link to continue the registration process.


Company name, Identification type, Contact phone, etc. : Fill in with your company details.

Press “Next.”


Email / Username: This, together with the password, will be the access data to

Firstname and Lastname: Input the account administrator's details.

Password / Confirm password: Input a password. This password is used to access along with the email. The password must contain at least one capital letter, a number and a symbol.

Language: Choose the language in which should be displayed.

When you click on "Sign in" you access the space created for your business in for the first time. If you have pre-enabled devices, they will be displayed in the initial "Devices” view, otherwise a message will warn you that no devices are available. To activate new devices click "Activate device".

Password recovery

If you can't remember the password, it can be recovered by clicking on “Have you forgotten your password?”, enter the email used to register.

You have 6 attempts to enter the correct password, otherwise, the user will be blocked and will be sent an email with the steps to follow to unlock and reset the password. If you don’t receive the email, click on “Forgot your password?” to restart the recovery process.