AKO-16624 / AKO-16526A


The box that summarises the information on each device is referred to as the "Widget".

The device sends the stored data to Akonet.cloud, as well as the alarms and alerts detected according to the configured transmission interval. When received, the widget for the corresponding device flashes for 1 minute indicating correct reception. During this time, the data shown correspond to the real-time measurement. After 1 minute, the operation averages are displayed again.

The striped area shows the full measurement range of the device, while the solid area indicates the range of actual work (maximum and minimum value reached) during the selected time period.

If there is an alarm, the outline flashes red; if the alarm has been confirmed (mute) the outline is turned off.

1: The name assigned to the device

2: Device status

  • Green: Active

  • Orange: Inactive

  • Red: Active alarm

A flashing red halo means that the alarm(s) has/have not been confirmed

3: Indicates the transmitter license type:

A: Connected by AKONet Edge

B: Connected by Narrow Band (NBIoT)

By passing the mouse over the indicator, it displays the date and time of the last synchronisation.

If a NBIoT connection is available, the signal strength is also displayed and the colour indicates the signal quality:

  • Green: Good

  • Yellow: Satisfactory

  • Red: Low

1: Select the time period for the calculation of the mean levels of the indicators: 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or last val. (last value received).

2: Indicates whether there are any active alarms, if blank, there are no alarms.

3: Average temperature in the selected period.

4: % of time in Set Point (or below) in the selected period.

5: Hovering the mouse over the solid area dispplays the maximum and minimum value of the selected time period.

6: If the device is in Stand-by, the widget is grayed out.

CORE: Displays the total value of the Core Index.

SH: Displays the overheating value.

COOL: Displays the percentage of time that the device has been generating cooling (COOL relay activated) during the selected period.

DEFROST: Displays the percentage of time that the device has been in defrost during the selected period.

Device detail

Shows the detail of each device as well as a summary of the data captured and allows adjusting the operating parameters.

Hide / Show Details

Shows / hides the device details.

1: Displays the real time data received in the last communication.

2: Activates the "Live mode".

3: Changes the displayed period in the summary.

4: Shows a summary of device activity.

5: Indicates whether there are any active alarms, if blank, there are no alarms. Click to acces alarm details.

6: Hovering the mouse over the indicator, displays the date and time of the last synchronisation, which Edge it is connected to and its MODBUS address.

7: Exports saved data within the selected time frame.

8: Image can be customised.

9: Displays the device details, an image (Customisable) and its location on the map.

10: Accesses the editing of the device data.

Live mode

Displays the controller’s real time reading as well as the different indicators and allows for using some functions of the keypad as if you were in front of the device*.

1: Activates / deactivates the Stand-by mode. In this mode, regulation is paused and the stand-by icon is displayed.

2: Starts / pauses defrost.

3: Activates / deactivates the continuous cycle mode.

4: Displays the online status of all the events:

A: Inactive

B: Active

5: Displays the online status of the inputs and outputs and their polarity:

A: Activates on closing

B: Activates on opening

6: Activates / deactivates the cold room light.

7: When an alarm is in progress, it mutes the acoustic alarm.

*The operation of this mode depends on the quality and speed of Internet connection, in certain cases there may be some delay in the data displayed.


1: To add or remove a data source, click on it.

2: Displays the graph of the device operation log.

3: Moving the mouse over the graph, displays the detail of each point (time and data value).

4: Displays the alarm or event activation time. Click on it acces the events and alarms list:

a: Alarm, high priority

b: Alarm, medium priority

c: Alarm, low priority

d: Alarm, unassigned priority

e: Defrost activation

f: Cooling activation (COOL relay)

g: Stand-by mode activation

h: Continuous cycle mode activation

i: SELF DRIVE mode on / off (Only AKO-16526A)

j: Communication error

k: Parameter synchronisation

l: Firmware update

5: Increases / decreases / moves the period of the graph

Period selection

Allows selecting the period displayed on the different graphs and also affects the calculation of the averages indicated in the widget shown on the left.

1: Quick acces to the periods: last day, last week, last month.

2: Start day of the period.

3: End day of the period. To select the period of just one day, double click on it.

4: click on refresh to validate the changes.


Displays graphs of the data acquired by the device, there are 10 types of graphs:

(All) Inputs: Displays the values acquired continuously by all inputs:

1: Allows selecting from amongst the different grafhs available.

2: Moving the mouse over the graph shows the detail of each point (Date, time, and values).

3: By activating the checkbox the period of each graph can be customised.

4: Download the data from the graph in .csv, .pdf o .xls format.

(Temperature) Continuous: Displays the continuously acquired values of all temperature probes together with alarm and HACCP levels.

(Superheating) Continuous: Shows the superheat value and its alarm levels and Set Point.

(All) Cool / Defrost / Door activity: It shows the activity of the COOL and DEF relays, as well as the digital input configured as a door contact.

(All) Door / Stand by activity : Displays the activity of the chamber door and the Stand-by function.

(Temp. Cold room) Activity: Displays a daily summary of the maximum, minimum and average temperatures, with reference to the set point

(Temp. Cold room) Time in Set Point: Displays the daily percentage of time the temperature has been in set point, above and below.

(Temp. Cold room) TTI Histogram: Breakdown of the different temperature values obtained in percentage of time and their situation with regard to the set point.

(Temp. Cold room) HACCP: Displays a summary of the maximum temperature values obtained for each hour and the configured HACCP alarm value.

(Temp. Cold room) Alarms: Displays the total time with temperature alarms per day as well as the number of activations.