This function allows different devices to be grouped according to the criteria decided by the user and its purpose is to facilitate the analysis of the data obtained.

One device can belong to multiple groups.

When adding a new group or editing an existing one, the following window appears:

Name: Group name.

Description / Type: Expands the group information.

Image: Allows adding an image to the group (gif/png/jpeg formats, maximum size 1 MB).

Show map: Displays or hides the view of the map in the group widget.

Add devices: Adds devices to the group.

Apply the same location to all group devices: By checking this box, the group location data apply to all the devices contained in it.

Tags: Allows adding tags to the group that will help to create reports and notifications.

Address, postal code, city, country: Allows you to add the location data of the device, or obtain them by using the coordinates entered.

Search for coordinates: Obtains the coordinates to locate the device on the map based on the address you entered.

Get address: Obtains the address of the device based on the coordinates entered.

Get geoposition: Obtains the location of the device based on the network data.

Longitude / Latitude: Allows you to add the location of the device using coordinates, or obtain them via the address entered.

Find on map: If the box is checked, it allows you to find the location directly on the map, clicking to indicate the location.

Get coordinates: Get the coordinates to locate the device on the map based on the entered address.

Get address: Get the device address based on the entered coordinates.

Get geoposition: Get the device location based on the network data.

Bulk parameter change

To edit parameters of a device within a group, an option appears that allows the bulk editing of parameters within the group. To do this, instead of saving the changes, click on "Apply configuration to all".

When clicking on "Apply configuration,” the changes made are applied to the marked equipment.

The bulk change can only be done in identical devices (same reference), devices with a different reference do not appear on the list and cannot be marked.


Muestra un análisis con los datos de todos los dispositivos del grupo.